“Unique & Luxurious, I K A H candles bring you joy & calm as they are lit.” – Natasha Mbaya

Everyone stop what you're doing and lets appreciate how amazing @natie_sown looks in our NO CAPTION tee! Not only a pretty face, in her own words “adventurous” Tasha runs her own business selling hand-poured luxurious scented candles.

If you love candles (who doesn’t) I K A H candles are a must have in your living rooms or on your bedside tables. Visit www.ikah.co.uk to get yours and indulge in an aromatic experience with White Lavender or Cerise Noire filling your home with amazing scent! Oh, have we mentioned they are VEGAN friendly? 😉

Keep on reading to find out more about our girl @natie_sown  and what inspired her to jump on the adventurous journey of becoming her own girl boss.

1, Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start I K A H?

I am what they call an introverted extrovert😂 I love socialising, networking all of the above but I also like to have some alone time and time to just be still with no one around.

I am a foodie and love trying new things “adventurous” is my middle name!

 What inspired me to start IKAH is my love of all things creative, I work a 9-5 during the week and sometimes you don’t have the ability to be express your creativity especially as an accountant. Being an entrepreneur gives you the flexibility to create something that is completely your own, with its ups and downs too of course but also very rewarding.

2, What are the 3 words that best describe your candles and why?

- Unique

- Luxurious

- Gift

I have spent time on differentiating my scents and also creating an unboxing experience that makes some feel like they have received a special gift.

3, How did you decide on the name of your brand and your aesthetic?

As a growing brand I’m always aiming to improve the brand image and be innovative. My overall aesthetic is a luxurious, minimalistic theme brought forward by the black and white candle jars.

IKAH - is a play on words derived from my native language, it’s overall means “Home” every candle is meant to bring joy & calm as it’s lit

4, What is your favourite thing about running your own business.

The freedom to be creative & being my own boss!

5, Did you start your own business because you wanted freedom, to earn more money or is it more of a hobby?

A little bit of both, I was nervous about starting my own business but I wanted to share some goodness through my candles as well as make some money on the side.

6, Do you have any words of wisdom for girls looking to start their own empire?

Like famous words “Just do it” Literally Just do it! Believe in yourself, find a gap in the market and get your product out there. There is room for everyone! Also don’t worry about what people will think or say, stay true to your vision and execute. It will surely pay off.

7, And finally, what is your fave t-shirt from our 1st collection and why?

It has to be the slogan ‘Unleashed, Untamed, Unapologetic’ I love what the words mean and the boldness and confidence it gives you whilst wearing it!